Topaz Mountain

Finding Topaz

Once you have arrived at Topaz Mountain , this hill is on the North side of the road near the end here, and kind of sits in the bottom of the basin. This is where I usually do my stuff.

You can tell that over the years people have broken off all sorts of chunks of this hill.

What I have done lately, is look for fissures or little holes or pockets in the rock that seem to be full of old, crumbly brick mortor. I then pick at the soft parts with my steel probes or screwdriver and with my toothbrush. And these soft spots will start going back into the rock, and the orange-brown topaz is embeded and growing in this porous material. Sometimes, I will use my heavy duty chisels, and sledge hammers to try to break off big slabs of rock along these fissures to expose areas further into the rock. The biggest crystals I have found so far this way have been about 3/8 inch wide by about 1/2 inch long. I've also had some minor luck picking through the loose rubble at the bottom of the rock face where the loose material seems to fall.

Keep your treasures as you find them in your plastic vial or your ziploc bags. Make sure you put your vial in a secure spot, because it could easily tip and spill out every thing you have found. If you are content to just sift, you can just sit down in the road anywhere here if you want to, and you can use your tin can and the screen to sift through for some nice clear ones. These have been washed and worn out of the surrounding hills, and have been bleached clear in the sun. You can also sit down in what looks a dry stream bed too. Or, check out an ant hill. The ants can sometimes bring up nice little pieces that get in their way. But don't expect anything bigger than about pea sized by sifting the road or stream beds.

Good luck, and happy hunting!

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