PerfectScript Ramblings

J. Dan Broadhead

Over the years, I have written various documents on PerfectScript, and I have gathered some of them together here.
(more are coming as I get around to it).

  • PerfectScript Ramblings. These are articles that I have written for Corel's OfficeCommunity web site. My agreement with them is that they can publish the articles first. After that I can also publish them where ever I want. If you see an article listed below that has no link to it, then I am waiting for Corel to publish it at their web site first before I publish it here.
    1. 03-Apr-2001: The Birth and History of PerfectSript
    2. (future): Converting Macros (coming soon)

  • Macro manuals documents.

  • Macro language changes documents. These contain a lot of undocumented information. Currently, these documents were saved to HTML format by WP from the original WP document format. I'm not very impressed by the HTML versions that WP produced. In fact, they are downright ugly.

  • Macro Debugger documents:
  • 19-Nov-1997 (v2.7): PerfectScript JavaScript Interpreter (Zipped WordPerfect format-31K)

  • Please note that these documents are my own writings, and do not necessarily reflect Corel's viewpoint or documentation. And while I have tried to make sure there are no errors, I can't guarantee that there aren't any. I am trying to make these as accurate and helpful as possible, but its a big job.

    J. Dan Broadhead